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First elected as a Vancouver alderman in 1972, he became the city's mayor in 1980. 20, 2007, Jakarta, Indonesia governor of Aceh (1986-93). Hashidu, Abubakar (Habu) (b. He was British high commissioner to Sri Lanka and (non-resident) to the Maldives in 2008-10. 1886, Damascus, Ottoman Empire now in Syria -. He was ambassador to Libya and high commissioner to Malta (1986-88 ambassador to France and Portugal (1990-92 and permanent representative to the United Nations (1998-2003). House of Representatives, where he took sides with the opponents of slavery. He was appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point, and upon graduation on June 12, 1889, was commissioned as an additional second lieutenant in the.S. 8, 1928 administrator of Bonaire (1920-21). He returned to his home in California but in 1975 was convicted of perjury, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice for his role in the scandal. Habibullah Habibullah Khan (b. He was also India's ambassador to the.S.S.R.

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Harriman, Pamela, née Pamela Beryl Digby (b. Hayne, Robert Y(oung) (b. Secretary of state (1829 son of Alexander Hamilton. In May 1998, rioting forced Suharto to resign and Habibie became president. He was also minister of state for economic and fiscal policy (2009) and minister of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries (2012-14, 2015). July 9, 1783, Näfels Landammann of Glarus (1749-51, 1754-56 brother of Kaspar Hauser. Shortly after ascending the throne, he led his nation in an inconclusive war with neighbouring Algeria over a dispute relating to their common border. governor of South Carolina (1832-34 son-in-law of Charles Pinckney. Hart Hart, Gary (Warren original name Gary Warren Hartpence (b. 25, 1761, Näfels, Glarus, Switzerland -. Hammarskjöld Hammarskjöld, (Knut) Hjalmar (Leonard) (b. As Czechoslovakia faced dissolution in 1992, however, he resigned from office. He became chairman of the youth organization of the Freedom Party (FPÖ) in 1970, chairman of the party in Kärnten in 1983, and in 1986 chairman of the national FPÖ, which under his leadership steadily gained ground at the expense of the traditional parties. April 25, 1953, Eritrea Eritrean diplomat.

sharp reduction of the nation's military expenditures in 1925 but supported funds for new battleships and in 19 opposed his party's plan of total disarmament. which came from a TV commercial criticizing hamburgers that were more bun than beef. Hamilton, Andrew J(ackson) (b. 7, 1828, Vienna, Austria -. He was also first lord of trade (1748-61) and the Admiralty (1762-63 secretary of state for the Northern (1762-63, 1771) and Southern (1763-65) departments, and lord privy seal (1770-71). Harrison, Sir Eric (John) (b. 15, 1891, New York City -. 26, 1943, Bridgetown, Barbados Barbadian diplomat. 14, 1875, Mönsterås, Kalmar, Sweden -. When a Warsaw Pact army invaded in August, Hájek was on vacation in Yugoslavia.

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He resigned after security police began an investigation into the theft of a briefcase containing classified documents from his home while he slept. Abraham Lincoln, shortly before his assassination, appointed Hale minister to Spain. 1 Support-FAQs 1 Produkt-Videos pearl 169,90* PX Mod-it.1-Soundsessel mit Vibration für Gaming Film, Bluetooth, cremeweiß Nicht mehr produzierte Mod-it-Produkte alle Produkte anzeigen * Preise inklusive Mehrwertsteuer und zuzüglich Versandkosten. He was a strong supporter of Afghanistan's exiled king, Mohammad Zahir Shah, and served in Prime Minister Gulbuddin Hekmatyar's interim government in the mid-1990s. He has also been minister of public works, vocational intracial sex onanieren hilfsmittel training, and executive training (1993-95) and national intracial sex onanieren hilfsmittel education, vocational training, higher education, and scientific research (2017- ) and wali of the regions of Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz (2001-05) and Tanger-Tétouan (2005-12). 1, 2017 governor of Nordland (1991-2007). 5, 1999, Windhoek, Namibia finance minister of Namibia (1992-95). By 1981, when he made the mistake of leading an investment mission overseas, the Liberals were in a state of near panic and he had little choice but to resign on his return. He returned at the head of the FAN in November 1981, when the final struggle for supremacy began. governor of South Carolina (2011-17) and.S. Hatfield Hatfield, Richard B(ennett) (b. 9, 1943, Meadow Lake, Sask. 26, intracial sex onanieren hilfsmittel 1934, Asunción, Paraguay foreign minister of Paraguay (2008-09). In 1949, he was convicted under the Smith Act on false charges of "conspiracy to teach and advocate the overthrow of the.S. April 8, 1938, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia premier of Nova Scotia (1999-2006). He was commissioner in Singapore (1956-57 ambassador to Belgium (1965-68 South Vietnam (1968-70 and West Germany (1971-75 and permanent representative to the United Nations (1975-78).

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He spent most of his early career with the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and served in a variety of posts, including undersecretary of state at the Ministry of Social Affairs (1939-42 governor of the city of Alexandria (1942-48 and minister of social affairs (1949-50 education (1952. Crown prince since 1964, he was commander of Bahrain's national guard before the creation of an army force after the island gained independence in 1971 from Britain. 28, 1885, Fosie, near Malmö, Sweden -. Kitts and Nevis -. Hassan declared himself imam and set out for Saudi Arabia but, on learning that al-Badr was alive, he withdrew his claim and, together with the rest of the family's princes, backed al-Badr, who appointed him prime minister and his deputy. Later, Hassan withdrew from the OAU altogether when the latter recognized the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic that the Polisario Front had proclaimed. He was ambassador to East Germany (1976-78) and permanent representative to the United Nations (2001-05). 1889 sultan of Bajini (3 times in the 1880s).